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Why Brew2You/DTC Craft Beer?

Some people travel the country to visit museums, ballparks, or nature. Me on the hand, prefer visiting breweries and tasting the best craft beers our country has to offer. Like restaurants, many of my favorite beers have been at smaller/medium sized breweries that are relatively unknown outside of their local regions. While it’s great to taste these beers at the source, it can be nearly impossible for me to get these beers in my hometown.


As a couple of craft beer enthusiasts, we didn’t understand why we could get cars or couches from across the country, but couldn’t get beer from the awesome brewery just a few hours away. It turns out that the reason is because of complicated laws that originate from the Prohibition days. These laws harm craft brewers by enforcing the traditional 3-tier beer distribution system where wholesalers and retailers take a combined 50% – 60% margins. 


We are developing Brew2You to address these problems by enabling breweries to sell their craft beer beyond their regional area and providing craft beer fans with access to the best beers in the country. If you like craft beer and enjoy supporting small businesses/breweries, we need your help to realize this dream.